How this all comes together...

“Now that you know what we offer, I think it's important to understand how our solutions will complement your agency. We have put together the basic processes for onboarding, quoting and carrier access to give you a realistic idea of what it's like to work with Horizon.”

Kassie SandlinOperations Manager



Let's get to work!

SETUP:  The first part of your onboarding is getting your management system and rater setup.  The management system is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle as it becomes the nucleus of your agency.  During this time you will want to familiarize yourself as much as you can with the EZLynx suite of tools included with every Horizon package.  We will set up your logins and passwords, and if you are not familiar with EZLynx or how an agency management system works, we can show you where all of the training resources are located.

CARRIERS:  This step is all about your initial carrier relationships.  During your on-boarding, we will set you up with shared or dedicated access to your first several carriers.  Just think paperwork, paperwork, paperwork…  Our licensing team will make it as easy as we can for you to complete and submit your carrier requirements.

TRAINING:  So you understand insurance and you’ve gone through your EZLynx training… Now is when we take the time to walk you through our proprietary processes, although most of your work and training will be done at the carrier level.  Each member of our team will schedule a time to go over how to best utilize the resources in their department and how they can help you gain more independence.



The markets you need

MARKET ANALYSIS/REQUEST:  All carriers have different appetites and requirements. Taking the time to evaluate your business and recognize which carriers will truly be an asset to you is essential to your success!   It’s okay to start small and request access as you grow to form true carrier partnerships.  Our licensing team is here to help you make those decisions as well.  As soon as we receive your request through our portal, we immediately start the process to get you the access you need.

CARRIER PAPERWORK:  Some licensing paperwork is more tedious than others, but all of it is manageable with the proper preparation and a little help from our licensing team.  The paperwork carriers require should be treated almost like job applications.  The more detailed and prepared you are, the better!  Partnering with Horizon and having a marketing goal will show carriers that you have a plan for success.

CARRIER TRAINING:  Once you’re granted access to a carrier you are able to reach out directly to them for training, questions, or technical issues.  Every carrier has training resources that are imperative to your agency’s success. Being knowledgeable about your carrier’s appetite and sales process will help you build strong partnerships, paving the way for your long-term objectives.


Using your agency sub-code

Gaining direct access to carriers can be difficult on your own and Horizon is here to help. With our Dedicated Access Program (DAP) you are assigned a sub-agency code which allows you to do business with the carrier directly.  Because this program reduces our work and service load we are able to offer our highest commissions (90%) and you’re eligible for carrier level profit sharing (75% with acceptable loss ratio).


Using our agency sub-code

When dedicated access is unavailable due to carrier constraint or while we are waiting for your agency to meet carrier criteria, our Shared Access Program (SAP) allows you to start writing and servicing business.  You can log-in, quote, bind, and service your clients directly through our shared sub-codes.


Using our underwriting team

Waiting for appointments can take some time.  With Horizon you don’t have to lose any sales during the process.  Our underwriting team is here to process your submissions starting from day one.  This means that you have access to all of our carriers right away, regardless of where you are in the contracting process.



It's time to grow!

The goal is independence, of course, so for every quote you run you should start with the carriers and brokerages where we have secured you a dedicated relationship through our DAP Program or our shared carriers in the SAP program.  This direct access allows you to quote, bind, and service at the highest level of interaction with the underwriters, billing departments, and customer service at the carrier level.

If you are unable to secure a quote with the carriers you have access to, the next step would be to submit it to our in-house underwriting team.  This isn’t a referral, this is an assist where you control the interaction with your customer and we control the interaction with the right carrier fit.  Once we are able to secure your relationship with that carrier we will assist in moving that business to your dedicated or shared code.

Congratulations, you’ve just made a sale!  Regardless of whether you have written this independently or through our underwriting team, our agency management solution provides a convenient virtual file cabinet.  Use EZLynx to store your client’s contact information, policy information, signed applications, election/rejection forms, and any other pertinent or required compliance material.  Once you create the policy and upload the required documentation your management system will be able to give you critical information on your agency performance.  Many of the policies will download directly to your system, providing detailed information on each policy.