Having the right carrier relationships makes your job easier!

“When you are just starting out or simply trying to take your agency to the next level it can be challenging to grow without the right mix of carriers. Horizon offers immediate access to the most respected and sought-after markets across all lines of business through our Managed Access Program (MAP). Through our Shared Access Program (SAP) you will be able to quote and bind directly with many of those companies using our sub-codes until you get directly appointed. Once you have your own sub-code for a carrier with our Dedicated Access Program (DAP) you will have full underwriting, quoting access, and binding authority. These programs are administered on a per carrier basis, eliminating unrealistic production requirements for carriers you don’t care to use. We also have a huge selection of brokerage partners across all lines of business to make your risk placement faster and more competitive.”

Melissa PierceLicensing & Compliance Specialist