Solutions Through Strategy

“We put this website together to provide a comprehensive outline of our solutions and an overview of how our system works. We understand you have your own unique needs and objectives so we would love to discuss how we can make a real difference in your agency! Please take a moment to tell us a little bit about you, your agency, and how we can help by clicking the 'Find out more' button found at the bottom of each page.”

Richard PanagosBusiness Development Specialist

The Problem…

You can build your agency from scratch with little or no help, and if anyone tells you that you can’t they are just plain wrong.  Although…  It will take years to develop your agency workflows, find the right software, and obtain carrier appointments (or keep them).

Growing a successful insurance agency is hard enough,
so maybe it would be wise to have a little help.

There are many organizations like ours that provide access to carriers, though it can be somewhat of a challenging read through their contracts.  The fine print is often overlooked until it’s too late-  What happens if it doesn’t work out?  Be wary of things like…

  • Non-Competes
  • Appointment restrictions if you decide to leave
  • Weak (50% or less) or non-existent profit sharing
  • No-share in overrides
  • Your agency is owned by a parent agency
  • Exit fees or buyout requirements
  • Vested ownership

These often hidden pitfalls and misunderstandings can devastate your bottom line if you aren’t careful.

The Solution…

We believe that you can achieve your goal of owning and operating a successful insurance agency an easier way.  It’s going to be a lot of work regardless, but we are offering you a leg up by eliminating some of the most common setbacks from the get-go.

Growing a successful insurance agency is a lot easier when you have the essential tools sooner rather than later.

We provide immediate access to the most respected and sought after carriers, agency management system, rating engine, and agency web presence all at substantial savings while eliminating the “gotcha” found in most contracts.  Our solution…

  • NO Non-Competes
  • NO Appointment restrictions if you leave
  • 75% Profit share with dedicated carrier access
  • FULL Participation in overrides
  • YOU Own your agency
  • NO Exit fees or buyout requirements
  • NOBODY Owns a customer… Period!

To be clear, if you decide to leave, we may be disappointed but we do not interfere.

How does Horizon help?

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We have negotiated some of the highest commission rates with our carrier partners.  Our goal is to get you directly accessing as many carriers at the best commissions as soon as possible!
At Horizon, once you have dedicated access to a carrier, you are eligible for 75% of the bonuses based on your agency’s book of business and an acceptable loss ratio.
From day one we start the process of getting your access to top carriers set up.  During this time our team of dedicated underwriters will assist you in placing business immediately!  We help you quote, bind and service so you don’t have to wait to get started.
We’re not afraid of commitment, but if you are it’s okay!  Our month-to-month program means that if at any point you want to leave, you may.  No non-compete, no carrier restrictions, no blocked customers, and no grief.  We don’t want or anticipate you leaving, but if you must, let’s stay friends.